Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Back to Blogging

I've lapsed - seriously - in my posts. I suppose it happens to a great many bloggers. This is not to say that I am not writing any more. But most of my stuff I have been sharing with a writers group that meets monthly in London. Maybe the inspiration has fallen off, and there have been other preoccupations. My wife has experienced two tragic bereavements in the past year - her 25 year old nephew died suddenly and unexpectedly (undiagnosed heart condition) in 2014 and his father - my wife's youngest brother - 11 months later at the age of 60. She has needed a lot of support, poor thing, and I only wish I was better at giving it.

Should I resolve to post once a week, I wonder? But my life is a tale of broken resolutions. But we'll see ...


  1. Hope you do post once a week Dr T. I've missed your words.
    Anna :o]

  2. Even just a short once a week, "hello" is good enough Dr. T. Short and sweet. And it must be fun for you and not a chore. You'd be surprised how many bloggers can offer support during those tough times. Wishing you all the best. And thank you for visiting my blog. Hope to see you there on a regular basis. I hope your wife is feeling better this week.

  3. Hello Nicola - thank you for your helpful comment and your kind remarks. I certainly look forward to visiting your blog again. I hope to continue to add a short story from time to time on my 'Fiction Writing' blog and some regular commentaries on 'Reflections of a Retired General Practitioner'.
    With all best wishes